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Tips for the Big Wheel Race

The Big Wheel is a classic toy that everyone must play with at least once in their lives. It's full of colorful graphics, blinking lights, and just enough excitement to get kids engaged. This is why it's so great fun! However, the Big Wheel also has a negative side. It could be an extremely dangerous toy. Even if children are properly supervised it is still a problem. Here are some suggestions to make sure you and your child don't get in an accident that is serious.

Everyone is aware that the safety of a toy is the most important aspect. The Big Wheel is unsafe because of a variety of factors. For instance, there are not just small wheels, but massive wheels too. The Big Wheel library will take you back in time to the many times you rode your tiny little wheel to the neighborhood park or the playground with your friends.

The danger of losing control is higher for riders with larger drive axles. A large wheel with higher gearing is a danger for kids. A higher gearing allows for greater weight to be placed on your feet. This could lead to an unanticipated, sudden flip by the rider who is putting too much force on the front tires.

A safer option than a drive wheel that has more gearing is a mini mousetrap racer. A mousetrap racer uses very small wheels (usually 4.5 inches) and an engineered design. The result is that there are a very small chances that the rider will lose control. If the rider's skill isn't enough to manage a small-geared large wheel mousetrap, they may be flipped.

Another option for a new rider is a huge ramp with no set-up rails. A large ramp without rails for setting up lets riders use their weight to help them to climb the ramp. They can lean against something nearby to keep their balance, or simply perform an acrobatic act. This is my preferred bonus tip for the novice rider looking for a set-up to help them with getting started.

The second bonus tip would be to buy lots of smaller (round) mountain bike wheels. A small rim with a round shape will provide you with the leverage to ride a bigger big wheel and not fall off. This will also help when trying to remove the mountain bike wheels and start sliding down the road. The more rounded, larger and flatter wheels will increase the speed of your speed meter but won't assist you in getting to where you want.

Another great tip for long distance racers is to make sure you do practice drives before you race. By doing practice drives, you build confidence and understand what your limits are. You will know how far you can go without losing speed. You should also become familiar with the circumference of the turns. This will help you get used to riding against the wind, and not against it.

The last tip to consider would be to purchase larger diameter drive wheels. Although it may appear to be an awful idea at first, by the end of the race, you will wonder why you didn't purchase an extra-large diameter drive wheel earlier! Larger diameter drive wheels provide greater leverage and are much easier to maneuver around corners. If you are trying to be a speed-trap racer then this is the method to go about it!